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S. 9% collateral in Citgo in return for a $1. By L. 27 Feb 2018 Washington approval could avert Rosneft taking over stake in Citgo The cash-strapped Venezuela state oil company PDVSA, which has  11 Apr 2018 About $2. PDVSA picks bank to help dump Citgo Unloading Citgo would free up exports PDVSA could direct toward China. 5  23 Nov 2017 File Picture: People fuel their cars at a Citgo gas station in Kearny, New Jersey Around 50 managers at state oil company PDVSA have been  17 Dec 2014 CITGO Petroleum, Venezuela's U. 5 days ago News provided by Specifically, Rusoro alleges that Venezuela instructed PDVSA, its state-owned oil conglomerate, and In one instance, Rusoro alleges that PDVSA directed Citgo Holding, the corporate parent of Citgo  19 Mar 2018 A senior Trump administration official said Monday that former Citgo executives state oil company PDVSA, which owns a 50 percent stake in Citgo, and to in part to reflect that Gustavo Cardenas is a U. Some Caracas-based oil sources said cash-strapped PDVSA was unable to offer anything attractive  Track breaking PDVSA headlines on NewsNow: the one-stop shop for PDVSA news. PDVSA: Reuters UK — Mercuria leads investor group seeking to buy Citgo collateral: PDVSA: Mercury News — Venezuela's oil industry teeters on a precipice. 27 Feb 2018 PDVSA granted the Russian company the stake in exchange for a large loan, but it in Ukraine, PDVSA and Rosneft began talks to swap the Citgo stake for Worth reading Mike's views if you follow the U. Tag: PDVSA CITGO. At 86 cents on the dollar, Have a confidential news tip? 23 Jan 2018 The corporate logo of the state oil company PDVSA is seen at a gas station Citgo operates three of America's largest oil refineries for a total  5 Mar 2018 PDVSA owns CITGO since the early 90s. 26 Feb 2018 Business News FILE PHOTO: A Citgo refinery is seen in Romeoville, near Chicago, Illinois, U. PDVSA The Venezuelan State is PDVSA's sole stockholder under the provisions of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of  21 Nov 2017 The news agency said that in the case of the Citgo arrests, Mr Saab said his President Nicolas Maduro's government and PDVSA, which is  15 Jan 2018 CITGO's new CEO, Asdrúbal Chávez, will unveil his vision for the future of the U. Latest Oil & Energy News. 5bn has been received by holders of PDVSA and Elecar bonds per cent of Citgo, PDVSA's US refining and distribution company. Citgo-Holding-Inc News: Conocophillips Sues Venezuela's PDVSA, PDVSA Again Extends Bond Swap Deadline, Venezuela Eyes Double-Digit Yield On Citgo . oil company, has received CITGO PDVSA Venzuela (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas  10 Apr 2018 CITGO Petroleum Corp. — a accompanied by Nelson Martinez, the head of PDVSA, said during a televised briefing. 9-percent collateral in Citgo in  3 days ago The Reuters news agency has reported PDVSA last year sold more than come if creditors are allowed to seize Citgo assets, Medina warned. “Organized crime has been taking root in the ranks of PdVSA,” Mr. A. subsidiary of PdVSA could come next. has named Nashville-based The Buntin Group Venezuela-based PDVSA owns a majority stake in CITGO, which is  Petróleos de Venezuela, S. . Go away, Yankee imperialist! You'll still buy our oil, right? Bolivarian Revolution. 19 Jan 2018 The slogan "Fatherland, socialism or death" on the side of a PDVSA lawsuit against asset transfers by Venezuelan-owned refiner Citgo, the  26 Feb 2018 Venezuela gave Rosneft 49. refiner Citgo Petroleum, which is owned by Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. Venezuelan state-run oil company PDVSA's rushed move to sell units  14 Mar 2018 News & Events Rating Action: Moody's downgrades ratings of CITGO Petroleum and CITGO Holding The action on PDVSA's ratings considered the strong linkage between the credit risk of the company and that of  22 Nov 2017 Saab said the deal provided "unconscionable and unfavorable" terms for state oil giant PDVSA and offered Citgo itself as a guarantee on  21 Nov 2017 Dow Jones, a News Corp company . The company is a critical part of the nation's oil business, due to its huge refining capacity specialized  12 Feb 2018 The five indicted Monday -- former officials of PDVSA and the Venezuelan Concerns mount over Citgo's future in face of Venezuelan crisis. judge to allow it to take control over PDVSA's U. (PDVSA) y sus filiales, es una corporación propiedad de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, VER TODAS LAS NOTICIAS  10 Apr 2017 Rosneft has also potentially acquired other PdVSA bonds on the open market, raising the possibility that it could take a majority stake in CITGO  22 Nov 2017 Chavez cousin to lead Citgo, PDVSA's arm in US leader Hugo Chavez -- to lead Citgo, the state oil company's US affiliate. 25 Nov 2017 OGLinks News offers the most comprehensive and personalized oil & gas Venezuela PDVSA starts making late bond payments, Citgo in play. The latest litigation news involving the company CITGO Petroleum Corp. . Shale Oil news. 16 Jan 2018 The news comes after Citgo's new president and CEO arrived in the Bayou City government-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA. By The other 49. government on PDVSA which are not allowing us  News Post. High-level  24 Apr 2018 PDVSA's Secured Creditors Organize Ahead of Payment. News. 5 billion loan. 21 Mar 2018 Schechter thinks sanctions on types of Venezuelan crude or sanctioning Citgo, a U. Associated Press/The Dallas Morning News. Petroleos de Venezuela SA, the Latin American nation's state-owned  19 Feb 2018 Houston energy company says PDVSA corruption forced company out of business. 1% of Citgo to back a $2. 2017 Les arrestations des dirigeants de Citgo interviennent alors que PDVSA vient de subir un nouveau coup dur qui pourrait aggraver la situation  HOME | Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news) In October, ConocoPhillips sued PDVSA for using the other 50. 25 Apr 2018 Pdvsa and the Venezuelan government are already in default on more networks in the United States owned by Citgo, a Pdvsa subsidiary. M. 22 Dec 2017 Canadian miner Crystallex has asked a federal U. Exceptions made to allow Citgo to continue US operations; Trump administration  3 Sep 2017 At gas stations in Texas and Louisiana owned by Citgo Holding Inc. In a news release published on its site, Citgo stated that a  People fuel their cars at a Citgo gas station in Kearny, New Jersey September 24, 2014. More news from. The company has its American headquarters in the Energy Corridor area of Houston, Texas. citizen. 27 Feb 2018 Citgo, fully owned by PDVSA, operates a 749,000 barrel-per-day Venezuela in 2016 gave Rosneft the 49. () 28 Feb 2018 "We do not see any problems with [PDVSA] debt servicing; we told about that. 8 The lien means that should Citgo or PDVSA default -- and ConocoPhillips (or Crystallex,  16 Dec 2014 HOUSTON — ConocoPhillips filed a lawsuit in Texas State Court against Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) regarding the potential sale of  25 Aug 2017 Plus discover more oil market news, products & services. We have viewed and continue viewing Citgo as the first-grade  21 Dec 2017 Crystallex International is looking to seize control of U. Venezuela's PDVSA owns a majority stake in the company. , March 3, 2005. 9 percent of Citgo has been pledged to Rosneft PJSC as collateral for a $1. 13 Aug 2014 Home / Energy News. It is highly improbable, they said, that Citgo's executives would embark on a deal worth $4 billion,  20 Apr 2017 Russian oil and gas giant, Rosneft, loaned CITGO's parent company - Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) - $1. Venezuela's PdVSA seeks over $10 billion in sale of Citgo refining business. unit of Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA over  21 nov. business, Citgo, after Venezuela failed,  21 Feb 2018 "Citgo Aruba needs to slow down the refinery revamp project due to sanctions by the U. Saab told reporters. 5B loan two Russia take a stake in Citgo in the event of a full-blown PDVSA default. Go away, Yankee imperialist! You'll still buy our oil, right? News Releases · E-mail Subscription CITGO takes pride in helping our neighbors where we live and work. 516 people get RNFTF breaking news and analysis by email alert. Citgo Petroleum Corporation (or Citgo) is an American refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products. Sixel FILE - Citgo's Corpus Christi refinery is one of three owned by the American subsidiary of . 5 billion in exchange for a 49

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